October 2017

1st Not feeling well, will probably stay home tomorrow.
2nd Staying home trying to rest.
3rd Another day at home and feeling like crap.
4th Getting better and the concrete is almost done.
5th Back at work and trying to figure out a new backup routine.
6th Fiddling with scripts.
7th Cleaning up and getting ready for the party that I won't be at tomorrow.
8th More cleaning. Looks like a nice day out there.
9th Still got a sore throat.
10th Need to clean up.
11th Fiddling with the site to get the load times down.
12th Have to rework the fitbit lookup.
13th Time to get more storage in the NASs.
14th An early dinner with Coby and Nick then onto Boney M at The Palais.
15th Researching hard drives.
16th Really need to clean up.
17th Getting the car fixed hopefully.
18th A nice day out there and wish I was outside.
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