August 2018

1st The credit card getting hit with a few hundred worth of whetstones.
2nd And the Mazda gets hit this time.
3rd The first few goes at knife sharpening is a slow learning curve.
4th Getting the car back and trying to figure out a buffering issue with the Plex server.
5th Catching up with Nana and walking around a very cold and windy lake.
6th Seems crazy that a restart of the service fixed the buffering issue when the load was about 25%.
7th Ending the day 20 mins later for a while. Hope it does not last too long.
8th Traffic is crazy.
9th New puppy training items and a few suits for them as well.
10th A crazy day asking people to do things that don't want to do.
11th Another day running around in Op shops and dinner at the Veggie Bowl for all the mocky goodness.
12th Way too tired and taking a nap during the day.
13th Plex still playing up and hanging at two points in shows.
14th Trying to book in the car is not easy when they don't open on the weebend.
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Have lost 75.7 kgs so far.