June 2019

1st More planning for the trip.
2nd A crazy day with a new update to Callista.
3rd Two more domains to take care of. Running into Addie at Coles.
4th Crashplan on a Pi not looking likely.
5th Wine is on its way.
6th That was quick, a case of wine is here.
7th Feeling like crap today.
8th Dinner at K&J"s new house and helping to setup the interwebs.
9th Back at the house for Jenny's birthday.
10th Taking care of a few hundred students taking exams.
11th Another day at exams and finally installing v6 of VirtualBox, breaking Vbox and reparing Vbox, fun times.
12th Good news from the surgeon, only need yearly follow ups now. Erryn stressing about the exam but I know she will do well.
13th Looks like the VM issue is fixed for now and no more daily drop outs.
14th Another day at Caulfield for exams.
15th Finally getting around to tidying up the cables.
16th Sleeping, relaxing and watching the rain.
17th Looks like it's time to go back on shakes for a few days.
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Have lost 72 kgs so far.