Why I started using grippers.

Gripper     Kgs Gripper     Kgs
Guide 27  kg. No. 2.0 88.5  kg.
Sport 36.3  kg. No. 2.5 107.7  kg.
Trainer 45.4  kg. No. 3.0 127  kg.
No. 1.0 63.5  kg. No. 3.5 146  kg.
No. 1.5 75.7  kg. No. 4.0 165.5  kg.

It all started when my hands were getting some soreness while riding my bike on long trips. Some numbness and tingling in my hands, with arthritis a common theme in my family, meant it was time to research building up my hand strength.

After a few days on the internet and I ordered the Captains of Crunch "S" gripper. This gripper is a starting point and required about 36 kgs of force to close. It arrived in late October 2010 and I was able to close it a few times after taking it out of the packet and I knew I was on my way to building up my hand strength.

After a few weeks of using the "S " gripper I was able to close it 10-20 times in a row and I realised I needed to move up to stronger grippers. So with credit card in hand I ordered the next three grippers. This time the "T" (45kgs), "1" (63kgs) and "1.5" (75kgs). A few weeks later, around the middle of November, they arrived and I eagerly opened up the packets. I was able to close the "T" gripper twice and got the "1" about half of the way. The "1.5 " was a real challenge and I was only able to get it to about a quarter closed.

By the start of December 2010 the "S" and "1" grip were on my desk at work where I was using them during the day and the "T" and "1.5" grips at home using them at night. I did not train every day deciding to use the grips about 3 to 4 days a week on some weeks and 5 to 6 times on other weeks. I never really kept a log of how many times or reps I was doing but I did keep note of the maximum I could close them completely. By the middle of December I was able to close the "S" 30 to 40 times in a row and the "T" about 10 times in a row.

So, fast forward a few months and by about Feb 2011 I was able to almost close the "1" gripper.

By May, closing the "1" is easier and I am able to close it a couple of times using the credit cart set. The grip collection has grown to 2 sets, 1 at home and another 1 at work. The set also includes the "2" gripper, that I am working on.

Early June 2011, on some days closing the "1.5" with two hands and holding it closed seems easy, other days it won't close. Need to practice on the 2.0 more often.

Been a bit slack but have practiced on and off, the main issue is not so much the strengh but the grips are slipping in my hands. Around new years 2012 I ordered some gym chalk to help with the grips. Back into the routine of grips every few days but this time with chalk and it makes a difference. I managed to close the "1.5" in a credit card set.

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